Toys. They’re what break the monotony of everyday life and bring out our personality. Take a few minutes and review these safety tips to ensure your toy, whether it belongs on land or the water, stays safe and operational for years to come.


  • Make sure there are as many Coast Guard approved life preservers as personnel on board. Click here to check your state’s regulations on flotation devices.
  • Before leaving for the water, check your boat trailer’s lights and tire tread. Boats belong on the water, not strewn about on a road.
  • Maintain your outboard motor regularly. Flush it each time you leave the water and at the end of boating season, be sure to flush your gas tank and dispose of the gas properly.


  • All riders are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet. Check your state’s regulations on helmet use before riding your ATV.
  • Check your suspension and drivetrain often as these two parts go through a beating throughout the life of the ATV.
  • When strapping your ATV to the trailer, make sure the straps are not frayed or torn.

Personal Water Craft

  • Always ride with a Cost Guard approved life preserver.
  • If you are ever dismounted from your PWC, remember to re-board from the rear of the vehicle.
  • Never ride after sunset. PWC’s aren’t equipped with headlights, so seeing and being seen become extremely difficult after sunset.


  • When approaching a  corner, reduce your speed and lean into the corner with your upper body to avoid sliding.
  • Cross roads at a 90 degree angle to minimize your time on the road.
  • Avoid riding on frozen waterways and lakes. You never know how thick the ice underneath the snow is.
This list is not exhaustive and steps can always be taken to further the safety of your recreational experience.