Happy Thanksgiving!

Tami at ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services shared some interesting Thanksgiving Day Fire facts with us and we wanted to share them with you.  We hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  

From 2006-2008 an estimated 4300 Thanksgiving Day Fires occurred in the United States causing 10 deaths, 50 injuries, and $30 million in property losses.

Here are some statistics regarding Thanksgiving Day Fires:

Residential fires on Thanksgiving Day occur most frequently in the afternoon hours of 12-4pm

Cooking is the leading cause of all residential fires in the U.S. (69%)

Electrical Malfunctions, carelessness, unintentional actions, and open flames are the leading cause of larger Thanksgiving fires in residential buildings.

Non confined fires on Thanksgiving Day are most often started in the kitchen or cooking area.

The leading category of factors contributing to nonconfined Thanksgiving Day residential fires is the misuse of material or product.

No smoke alarms were present in 20% of non confined residential Thanksgiving Day fires.