Auto Claim

In the event of an accident, please – stop and remain calm. Take a few deep breaths. Make sure all passenger’s are safe. Once you’ve established some order in the vehicle, move on to the list below. 

  • Call the authorities.
  • If able, render aid to others involved.
  • Make the accident scene as visible as possible.
  • Gather information: Drivers license, proof of insurance, the car’s license plate number, and take pictures.
  • Call your Insurance Agent and discuss your options.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call us at 763-785-2031

This information is intended only as a guide to assist management in its responsibility of providing a safer working environment. This information is not intended to cover all possible hazardous or unsafe conditions that may exist. Other unsafe acts or hazardous conditions should also be noted and corrective action taken.