Weathering Disaster Videos

The final episode of Weathering Disaster highlights catastrophe response team. Whenever disaster strikes, Farmers is there to support the community, and our industry-leading catastrophe response team plays a big role in that support. This weekend’s episode of Weathering Disaster, the last of our six-episode series on The Weather Channel, airs Saturday, October 22 at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST).

The series follows families affected by natural disasters as they work with Farmers agents and claims team members to rebuild their homes, and our catastrophe response team takes center stage this week when viewers get an up-close look at the team as they respond to Hurricane Irene. Also check out the Weathering Disaster webpage, where visitors can view the episodes after they air, along with promos and vignettes.

Here’s a link to the latest episode.

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