Summer Heat Fires Up Need For Safety Awareness

Minnesotans know volatile weather. Aggressive winters and warm temperate summers are almost as much of the culture as Babe, the fishing opener, and the Great Minnesotan Get-Together. This year, however, Minnesotans have seen a twist in the weather. A very mild winter has ushered in a blistering summer that brings heat in record numbers. And the heat isn’t sporadic, either. For over 2 weeks the temperature has stayed above 80 degrees and has risen in excess of 90 degrees for the past 7 days straight.

Weather can wreak havoc on all aspects of a person’s life. Cars can overheat and tires can swell and blow. Heat exhaustion and dehydration, especially in children and the elderly, are major problems if left unattended and can lead to death in extreme cases.

And when the weather does drop, people tend to give their air conditioning a break and opt, instead, for opening a window or two. But even this can come as a risk. Open windows give burglars and house invaders an easy access point into the residence. Dakota County Sheriff Dave Bellows stated in a media release on March 26, 2001, 60 percent of burglaries reported happen between the months of May and August.

We here at the Uram Agency of Farmer’s Insurance want you to enjoy your summer, and we urge you to be safe. If you are unsure you are properly covered in your auto, home, or life insurance, please give us a call at 763-785-2031 so we can talk about your options.

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