Customized Insurance Services

We provide comprehensive insurance services for all of your personal and business needs.


Auto Insurance

When it comes to navigating the countless options and coverage available for auto insurance, we know that it can be extremely confusing and difficult to understand.

We want to guide you through the buying process in an effort to educate you on what the coverage means for you and for others.

You can be confident that we are doing our very best to ensure that your coverage makes sense and you know what you are getting.

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Business Insurance

Our expertise lends itself to helping you select coverage that makes sense for your business.

We want to help you buy policies that cover all your bases.  We will help you identify any potential gaps in coverage and help reduce the financial risks that you are exposed to as a business owner.

We pride ourselves on service and will do our best to educate you on this often difficult to understand arena of insurance.

We can customize a business package for your business, whether it be hospitality, manufacturing, distribution…and many more.

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Homeowners Insurance

While our main goal is to make sure that your home is properly protected, we want to make sure that you understand the coverage that is available in your policy and the “why” behind them.

We are here as a resource for you when you have questions, and a partner to help you through the claims process.  Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you.

If you need help evaluating your current policy, we can do that too.

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Commercial-Auto-Insurance-Fleet-Delivery-Online-Quote-MinnesotaCommercial Auto Insurance – Courier Service Insurance

We have a range of solutions for commercial cars and trucks.

Our products meet the demands of everything from large contractors with a fleet to an individual car for smaller businesses.

We also have a tracking device that we offer to some of our customers as part of our fleet insurance service.

One of our specialties is customized insurance for courier companies.

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Health Insurance

With all the options available to a person, finding affordable health insurance coverage can be extremely overwhelming.

We would like to use our experience and expertise to help you find a health plan that makes sense for your situation.

Bringing clarity to a world of co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles, and benefit summaries is our chief aim in health insurance.

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Life Insurance

Often overlooked,  life insurance is the foundation of financial stability when the unexpected happens.

Our goal is to work with you, gain an understanding of your situation, and educate you along the way as we build a life insurance program that fits the needs of your family or business.  We realize the importance of remaining budget conscious to design a plan that you are comfortable with, can understand and afford.

If you have concerns about your current life insurance policy, or just have questions about what life insurance is all about, we are glad and willing to help.

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Umbrella Insurance

Liability claims can be extremely expensive. Without sufficient coverage limits in place, you may have to use your own financial assets to pay for some or all of any judgment against you.

Often, home and auto insurance limits aren’t enough or simply do not cover these types of claims or lawsuits. An Umbrella policy gives you an additional layer of liability limits above and beyond your current auto or home policy.

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Recreational Insurance

We offer comprehensive solutions for all of your recreational insurance needs. Click a link below for more information:

Financial Services

We are up to date on the plans available and are constantly looking for better options for people and businesses in all situations.  Even if you just want to compare what you have to what is out there, we are here to serve you.  Click here to start your quote process or contact us for more information.

Please Note: Insurance coverage cannot be bound, cancelled, or modified in any way via communication on this website.

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