Property Claims

Property Claims

1) Immediately stop any further damage from happening.

     a) If there is a hole in your roof, cover it so no further water enters the area.

     b) Remove any items from area to prevent further damage.

     c) If items do get wet, dry them quickly to prevent mold.

2) Call your insurance agency, or their help line, and discuss your options. In a minor damage issue, make sure you call before turning in a claim. The damage may not justify turning in a claim if filing a claim increases your rates.

3) Take pictures, and do not get rid of them until the adjuster gives approval.

4) Keep all receipts, and keep a log of all mileage used.


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This information is intended only as a guide to assist management in its responsibility of providing a safer working environment. This information is not intended to cover all possible hazardous or unsafe conditions that may exist. Other unsafe acts or hazardous conditions should also be noted and corrective action taken.

Please Note: Insurance coverage cannot be bound, cancelled, or modified in any way via communication on this website.

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