Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

In the event on an on-the-job accident, read through this list and take the proper steps to filing your worker’s compensation form.

– Obtain information from the employee(s) involved

– Fill out first Report of Injury and forward to Insurance Agency (if filing claim)

– Survey the working conditions at the time of the accident

– Determine condition of the equipment used

– Obtain information from witnesses

– Take Pictures of area

– Analyze the information and determine causes

– Make corrective recommendations

– Implement feasible recommendations

– Continue to monitor and refine corrections implemented


It is extremely important not to attempt to place blame. This discourages cooperation. This information  is intended only is offered solely as a guide to assist management in its responsibility of providing a safer working environment. This information is not intended to cover all possible hazardous conditions or unsafe acts that may exist. Other unsafe acts or hazardous conditions should also be noted and corrective action taken.

Please Note: Insurance coverage cannot be bound, cancelled, or modified in any way via communication on this website.

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