A Very Real Threat to Your Identity – Are You at Risk?

Identity theft is a growing concern throughout the United States, and it’s a threat from which no one is immune. It has become so prevalent that most people, if not victims themselves, know someone who has been a victim.  The Crime can be devastating and is often costly and time-consuming to resolve.

This video shows a very real risk that exists inside many of your credit cards.  Please make sure that you are protected!

Video: Is Your Identity Safe? The Risk Inside Your Credit Card

Some facts about identity theft:

  • Losses stemming from identity theft total more than $56 billion annually
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for victims are increasing
  • The average victim takes 175 hours to restore their lives after identity theft
  • There are 27,000 new victims of identity theft DAILY
Security Tips:
  • Do NOT carry your Social Security card in your wallet
  • Use online bill pay and e-bills to reduce the amount of sensitive data in your mail
  • Use a secure locking mailbox or a post office box
  • Shred (with a crosscut shredder) anything that contains your name, address or other sensitive data before discarding
  • Never write your Social Security number on your checks

Check www.farmersidentityshield.com for more tips, plus daily updates on the latest schemes and tricks ID thieves use


We are proud to offer Farmers Identity Shield.  This product not only assists in fixing your identity problems but also provides the tools to detect problems when they begin.  Farmers Identity Shield is a comprehensive package of coverage and services to help you safeguard your identity.

Does your Home Owners policy offer you this protection?  It pays to find out.  If you don’t know, please call us and we can help.

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